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Non-fiction stories, societal oddities, and counter-culture observations...

The War of Attrition website went online in January of 1999.
Twenty years later, we are proud to offer its prime selections as well as several new stories in print for the first time.

Enjoy, and, thank you;


This time, it’s personal.              

woa listing red.jpg
woa listing black.jpg

The limited first edition is full color, and contains drawings and photographs compiled over the past decade.
We’ve also chosen two of our favorite illustrations from the book to include as 8x10” prints.
Additionally, each first edition comes with four brand-new WOA stickers.

Second edition is black and white, and features more “historical” content (flyers, photos, memorabilia).

Both editions feature striking illustrations from

Paul Waggener and Michael Childers.

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